Hounds About  Town

Since 2002, Hounds About Town has provided a friendly, neighborhood dog walking and cat sitting service

in Roslindale, Jamaica Plain, and West Roxbury. 

HAT is committed to providing a quality, flexible, and consistent pet care service.  Our unique approach allows us to develop individualized plans for each of your pets to meet your specific needs. We are a small business and are dedicated to providing outstanding care to the animals we care for and the humans that love them. 


HAT is a licensed, bonded and insured dog walking and pet sitting service. We are a team of well trained and experienced pet care professionals and a member ofWe have a history of staff longevity which translates into long term relationships with you and your pets.  


All dogs, regardless of size or breed, need regular physical exercise and mental stimulation. Without it, we often see neurotic, hyperactive, and/or anxious behaviors.  


HAT specializes in group dog walks that provide structure and socialization to help bring balance to our pups. We have a successful track record of establishing walking routines with dogs who may be fearful or initially resistant to walking.


Although HAT walkers are not trainers, we will reinforce the training you are working on. If your dog is having any behavioral issues that concern you, please contact us for a referral.